I have been in internet marketing, especially SEO industry for the past 9 years (since 2007) and I have seen rise and fall of things like ALN, Sape (which still works, by the way), etc …

Over the past several years I have seen forum posts and profiles rise and fall, wiki links rise and fall, article marketing rise and fall and so many other link building methods that are no longer working. However, even though we are way past ALN age, blog posts and PBN links are still working and they will work for unforseeable future. Why? Because they can be very stealthy, under your competitor’s radar and disguised as actual proper, readable and money blog.

However, with so many PBN services in the industry, it is really hard to find the ones that are proper networks and working well. What I truly dislike is that most providers advertise as unique and CopyScape passed. While they might not be wrong, what they really mean is that they will write one article and spin it using software such as The Best Spinner or Word AI or similar. This will make content completely unreadable. I would feel really bad about showing such content to my client(s). Sure, these blogs are not really visited by actual people. Providers will state that these blogs are fed to Google and Google does not understand whether the content is readable or not … boy, couldn’t this be any further than the truth? Google is getting smarter and such networks don’t last long. That’s why I always provide unique, original, manually written post links instead of spun garbage.

So, with all this in mind, Tartarus Network was born. A network with high metrics, unique, original and 100% readable content. Each blog is made to look like a proper money site with unique logos that are related to the blog. Each domain name has who.is enabled and each blog is hosted all over the world, over many different registrars. The Tartarus is truly unique, great and powerful network.